The Kings Rookies Came Up Big When They Were Put Through A Dance Contest

10.16.17 4 months ago

Getty Image

Whenever someone is the new guy at a job, they’re going to have to do something to stand out at the new gig or they’ll find themselves fading into the background. That goes double if you’re any sort of athlete, as you have to bring it early or find yourself forgotten about in a swift manner.

For Sacramento Kings rookies, the best way to leave an indelible mark on the fans before the season starts is through an impromptu dance contest. So on the Kings rookies went to show their rhythmic gifts to the Golden 1 Center faithful, and what a show it was.

First things first, one needs to note how Harry Giles kicks off the dance party by dancing like he doesn’t have a checkered health history. It’s understandable how someone might want to keep all the torque away from their lower body, especially if the plan is to not play until January, but Harry, you got the doctor’s note to get out of this. You can use it next time.

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