Kobe Bryant ‘Completely Disagrees’ With Kanye West’s Slavery Rant

05.22.18 11 months ago

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Trying to make sense of Kanye West’s descent into MAGA-cap Trumpism is a futile and pointless endeavor, but it all came to a head earlier this month when he went on a deliriously unhinged rant while visiting the TMZ lion’s den. It was after said rant – during which Kanye professed his unabashed support for Trump and made incredibly offensive comments about slavery – that some were rightfully starting to question his mental stability.

Much of the media and his fans had been willing to overlook questionable behavior over the years as the price of genius, but that time has long passed. He’s used up all the cultural capital he once amassed with his music, as evidenced by the mass exodus of fans who are no longer willing to make apologies.

Count NBA legend Kobe Bryant among those numbers, who was asked about it when speaking to high school students at a “We Rise LA” event over the weekend. Via TMZ:

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