Kobe Bryant Couldn’t Quite Bring Himself To Give This Overly Excited Fan A Hug


Remember when Kobe Bryant was a villain? Well, his ongoing farewell tour across the NBA has allowed the basketball world to see a much softer side of the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

But Bryant, even as his career’s twilight begins to completely eclipse, hasn’t quite lost the mean streak that helped him to five Larry O’Brien trophies. Case in point: His refusal to hug this wildly excited fan as he left the Lakers’ loss to the Memphis Grizzlies late in the fourth quarter.

Not actually, of course. It’s quite weird for any person to expect their offer of a hug to be accepted by a perfect stranger, let alone when the recipient in question is one of the most famous basketball players on earth.

Bryant, basically, deserves credit for playing it cool far more than he deserves consternation for dashing this woman’s dreams. Having said that, it’s tough not to feel sorry for her, too.

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