Bon Voyage, Bon Appetit: Kobe Bryant’s Culinary Farewell Tour (Portland)

01.23.16 2 years ago


Tonight, Kobe Bryant will play his final game in Portland. The Trail Blazers will likely send him off with some sort of commemorative video and, I don’t know, maybe some Oregon wine. We here at DIME believe he deserves something more. From now on, every time Kobe plays in a city for the last time, we’ll have suggestions for where he can get the food that best allows him to appreciate the city for the last time as a player. After all, to truly a savor a city, one must eat it. Introducing: Bon Voyage, Bon Appetit: Kobe Bryant’s Culinary Farewell Tour. First stop: Portland, Oregon.

Ava Gene’s

Kobe spent part of his childhood in Italy thanks to his father’s professional basketball career. His time spent there imbued him with a love of all things Italian – I mean, come on, he gave himself the nickname “Vino.” To satisfy his cravings for Italian cuisine, we’re sending him to Ava Gene’s. The restaurant sources from some of the highest-quality producers around the state, and features a Roman-inspired menu sure to placate even Italian natives.

We suggest Kobe get a platter of salumi and formagi to start, then move to a plate of the “Tagliatelle, lamb ragu in bianco,” if he’s craving pasta, or the “pork, burdock, almonds, dates, marmellata squash, citrus” if he’s not. With a nice glass of grappa to end the evening, it’ll be a meal Kobe won’t soon forget.

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