UPDATE: Kobe Bryant Receives $24.4 Million Check After Dressing As Zorro On Halloween

Now that we’ve shown you Amir Johnson‘s Michael Jackson-inspired zombie dance, we thought it only fair to give you a pic of Kobe Bryant dressed as Zorro, the masked crusader for the poor against evil land owners during California’s Mexican rule. Why Kobe didn’t go as a Black Mamba is beyond us, but we’re really happy to see anything from the injured Laker since we can’t see him on the court.

UPDATE: It’s just been brought to our attention that today is pay day for Kobe. Because of the lump-sum addendum in his contract, he’ll be receiving a check worth $24.4 million today, rather than the bi-monthly paycheck most player’s receive. The irony of him dressing as Zorro the night before such a big payout has not been lost on us.


EARLIER: Vanessa Bryant is dressed as Elena, which — for fans of the movie franchise — means she’s the Catherine Zeta-Jones character opposite Kobe’s Antonio Banderas in the most recent re-make of The Legend of Zorro.


No word on whether there was an impromptu sword fight between the famous Laker couple, but we hope not because Kobe might exacerbate his Achilles injury.

What do you think of Kobe’s get-up?

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