Kobe Bryant Is Tim Tebow; New York Loses Jeremy Lin

Seriously this guy is unreal. Only Kobe Bryant could’ve pulled off something like this. Miss 15 in a row… the most he’s missed in a row in a game EVER, and still find a way to get it done. Zero points through three quarters, and then when it comes down to it, down two with under 30 seconds to go, Bryant pulls up and cans a triple to win the game. After New Orleans couldn’t get a shot to fall, someone crowned Bryant’s night (3-for-21 shooting, 11 points) as the ultimate Tim Tebow night. It’s true: screw up all game, play like complete garbage all night… and then when it’s absolutely necessary, you make the game-winning play. Unreal … Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol combined for 40 points and 21 rebounds … Afterwards, they showed Mike Brown‘s press conference where a reporter asked him whether the game was a disgrace on NBA TV, and Rex Chapman killed it. He said it was a writer who already had a story written during the game and was simply trying to find a quote to fit in. That’s EXACTLY what happened, and it was embarrassing to hear someone call the game a disgrace … It’s sad that the game became all about KB missing shots because the Hornets played another great game. Honestly, it’s gotten to the point where a Monty Williams coached team doesn’t know how not to play out of their ass. The next time a team coached by that man mails in a game – hell, even a quarter – someone call us because we’ve never seen it. You would think sitting Gordon, Kaman, Ariza, Okafor, Landry, and Ayon would be a fantastic strategy if you’re trying to get a top pick. Too bad they nearly won, and had Bryant struggling unlike he ever has in the past decade … When was the last time you saw Elton Brand put up 25, 10 and five? Perhaps with the Clippers? Brand was a monster in Philly’s 95-90 win over Atlanta. We love Brand, but we can’t gloss over Josh Smith‘s night. This dude has been something else ever since they dissed him and left him off the All-Star Team. Last night, he exploded for 34 points and nine rebounds … Without Kyrie Irving, Cleveland was an appetizer for New York, as the Knicks won by 16. Off the bench, J.R. Smith led the way with 20 points and nine rebounds, but the real story was Jeremy Lin. The New York sensation is expected to miss up to six weeks with a tear in his meniscus. In other words, he won’t play again during the regular season. So without him, that leaves a lot of pressure on Baron Davis and we’re not sure we like that … That’s the worst timing too because last night was the debut of courtside signs in MandarinBrandon Jennings (24 points) put together one of the crazier plays we’ve seen this year. He missed a breakaway dunk early in the game against Memphis, but got the rebound, came back through the lane and hit a ridiculous shot off the glass, drawing a foul at the same time. Too bad Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova (20 points, 16 rebounds) didn’t do enough to get a W. O.J. Mayo… where have you been bruh? Dude dropped 24 points to help lead Memphis to a huge four-point win. Hopefully that gets them back on track because we can’t be the only ones who want to see the Grizz go deep in the second season. They’re just a fun team to watch … Tayshaun Prince had 24 and Detroit barely survived a couple of last-second shots to beat Charlotte in overtime, 110-107 … And Tim Duncan turned back the clock (23 points, 11 rebounds) as San Antonio put it on Indiana 112-103 for their seventh-straight win … Keep reading to hear what happened to the best player in college basketball …

Does anyone take Anthony Davis for a scrub now? If there was any question who this summer’s No. 1 pick was going to be, the Kentucky freshman answered it in the Wildcats’ 69-61 win over Louisville. Davis was all over the court (18 points, 14 rebounds, five blocks), and had a couple of alley-oops that were just stupid. In the first half, he caught a lob where it seemed like he had to reach all the way back to Chicago to get it. Louisville mucked the game up enough to keep it close, and even created a few nervous moments in the second half, but then Davis caught another lob where the ball was tipped before he eventually put it down. As a team, Kentucky must’ve had like six or seven dunks to end the game. It looked like a group of high schoolers messing around with elementary kids … Darius Miller had two huge shots in the second half, and one was a transition three to put Kentucky up seven. We thought that might’ve been the biggest shot of the game … Ohio State has to be crying themselves to sleep. They were beating Kansas all night, shut off every run in the second half, and had the game in the bag for most of the way. But eventually, their three-point shooting came back to haunt them. Early on, the Buckeyes took the lead because they were so good from deep. William Buford was killing it all night with 19 points, and as a team they hit eight triples. The problem was Kansas was destroying them in the paint. Thomas Robinson had 19 points, and eventually, those shots caught up to Ohio State … New Jersey got 24 points off the bench from Anthony Morrow in the Nets’ 111-99 win against Sacramento … And the Clippers extended their winning streak to five against Utah as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin combined for 50 points … We’re out like Lin.

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