Kyle Kuzma’s Mom Is Leading The Charge For His 2018 All-Star Game Bid

01.17.18 2 years ago

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When the latest voting results for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game were released last week, Karri Kuzma was just as surprised as all of us to see her son, Kyle, as one of the top ten vote getters among front court players in the West, ahead of names like Karl-Anthony Towns and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Since the NBA started counting social media votes for the All-Star Game, official team accounts have put together exhaustive online campaigns for their best players, while celebrities like Lionel Messi and Will Smith have helped amass votes for their favorite players as well.

Karri, meanwhile, started tweeting non-stop about her son, using the hashtag #NBAVote to accumulate votes for Kyle, and watched as Lakers fans started rallying around her cause to get the 22-year-old rookie forward to the All-Star Game.

“I didn’t think I was campaigning,” Karri told me on Monday morning. “It just kept escalating.”

Karri, who lives in Flint, Michigan, has developed a bit of a routine lately. In the morning, before she leaves for work, she’ll get on Twitter to get a few votes in. After a long day at the dental office where she works as an office manager, the first thing Karri does when she gets home is, as she describes it, “go Twitter happy.”

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