Twitter Treated Kyle Singler Like Its Own Personal Punching Bag When He Came Into Game 2


In the second half of Game 2 between the Warriors and Thunder, another close contest transformed into the sort of blowout that’s come to define the record-breaking Golden State squad this season.

They still haven’t lost two games in a row, and their margin of victory after a loss — 15 points — got even higher after mopping the floor with the Thunder, 118-91 (and it wasn’t even that close), in Game 2. So it wasn’t surprising when Thunder sideline helmsman Billy Donovan subbed in Kyle Singler for Kevin Durant with 8:21 left in the fourth and the Dubs leading, 100-74.


Yes, that is a bowl cut. Yes, the Internet noticed because the Internet always notices. Yes, the Internet is still the catty table of kids in the high school cafeteria. Yes, Twitter is the apogee of schadenfreude.

There were comparisons, including supporting roles in The Wedding Crashers and Pulp Fiction.

The Todd Cleary connection was very real.

The Simple Jack analogy was pretty popular, too.

The man bun may have been replaced, as well.

We actually enjoyed these NBA player comparisons for Singler, particularly the Gordon Hayward one.

Some thought Singler’s ‘do was just a sign he’s crazy.

And some were just mean because a solid zinger on Twitter sometimes fills a void in the soul.

But Singler’s terrible tresses aren’t new. Any self-respecting NBA fan already knew this was a theme to his NBA career.