The Lowly Lakers Spanked The Warriors And The Internet Lost Its Mind

stephen curry, kobe bryant
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The Warriors lost to the Lakers. I repeat, the 55-6 Warriors just lost to the (now) 13-51 Lakers, 112-95. While the march to 70, or even 73 is not yet lost, this stings. This was supposed to be one of those games in which Steph Curry sneezes then makes a three-point shot off the exhale.

As a Bulls fan, I remember their 72-10 run well. I was in the United Center for their 71st win (against the Bucks) and I also remember the sting of what could’ve been, when they dropped this game to the lowly Raptors:

Call it a UFC 196 hangover, because the Warriors were Conor McGregor, and the Lakers were Nate Diaz:

Shockingly (or not), this was the Warriors’ first loss this season under the bright lights of a national broadcast:

And of course, Twitter loves a sweet underdog tale. Marcelo Huertas was plain dirty today:

And then, Twitter piled on and on:

As for this one, you may have not read this grousing, hot mess of a take from Chicago Tribune.

Look at what you would’ve won if you put a simple $100 down on the Warriors — who were -17.5 underdogs (and -18 at Bovada).