Lance Stephenson’s Fluky Videobomb Turns Into Meme

Before Carmelo Anthony sealed the 96-93 win for the Knicks last night, Lance Stephenson heaved a desperation three-pointer, but he wasn’t able to get it off before the remaining eight-tenths of a second expired. Lance still thought he had been fouled on the attempt, and when he got up from the court to wonder at the no-call, his mug happened to pop up just as the camera was panning over to Knicks head coach Derek Fisher. A surprisingly funny meme was born.

It’s not really necessary to write much more than this, except to add that a lot of the memes created these days fail to make us even crack a smile. Not so with this one. Stephenson videobombs Fisher like Chris Bosh could use a lesson, but it was totally a fluke of the moment made more enjoyable by Stephenson’s aggrieved countenance.


“I didn’t let the game come to me,” Stephenson said after the loss.

“I just tried to make something happen. I let the game come to me the last two games and I ended up doing nothing so I’ve got to just play more aggressive, be in attack mode, get other players involved and be in the right spots at the right time.”

He was in the right spot at the right time after the game ended, though.

(H/T Uproxx)

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