LaVar Ball Is Ready To Challenge Ice Cube In A Four-Point Shot Competition At The BIG3

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Throwing down the gauntlet, Ice Cube recently reminded LaVar Ball about the friendly wager the two had agreed upon via social media. Cube challenged Ball to hit a BIG3 four-point shot, and if the patriarch of the Balls made it, the rapper and league commissioner would purchase Big Baller Brand sneakers for the father’s whole AAU team.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Ball unsurprisingly agreed to head to Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday to take in some BIG3 action and also go shot for shot with Cube.

“Cube, I ain’t forgot about you man, I just been so busy baby,” Ball tells Cube via Twitter. “I will be there for the four-point challenge. Me and my crew will show you what we do. Because I ain’t scared of you man! You know I hit those shots with my eyes closed.”

Ball then hilariously and also strangely ends the acceptance video by giving a shout out to the restaurant establishment he is about to enter and then officially ending by saying, “Big Baller Brand, we out.”

Ball’s antics have been well documented over the last several months, so his acceptance of Cube’s challenge isn’t in the least bit surprising. The only problem with his boastful acceptance is that Ball could end up losing to Cube in the shooting competition, and if that happens, it would be very interesting to see his reaction. Will Ball be graceful in the loss, or will he cry foul and blame Cube for making the competition biased against him?

Who knows for sure, but with the NBA still months away from starting, this is the type of basketball-themed soap opera we crave in these dog days of summer.