LeBron James Joked That He’d ‘Never Heard’ Of ‘Rookie’ Dwyane Wade At Cavs Practice

10.03.17 6 months ago

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are about as loose as you can be for a team that lost its point guard to a 53-win team and division rival. Granted, the Kyrie Irving trade had to happen. But no one in Cleveland seems to be sweating much of anything at this point, not even Isaiah Thomas’ injury.

A lot of that has to do with the mood of LeBron James, far and away the most important player on the Cavs. If James is happy, the Cavaliers should be happy. And he certainly seems happy these days. Despite tweaking an ankle in camp, James seems thrilled about the upcoming season.

He’s got former teammate Dwyane Wade back in the fold, and though it’s been less than a week since he officially joined the Cavaliers LeBron has already had a lot of fun with him already. At practice on Tuesday, for example, James joked about a shooting Wade, joking that he’s probably a “rookie” because he’s not familiar with the guard.

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