LeBron James Pulling Chris Paul Away From The Lakers-Rockets Fight Shouldn’t Be A Big Deal

10.21.18 6 months ago 3 Comments

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The main focus of the Lakers and Rockets fight on Saturday night was what exactly happened to spark the punches thrown by Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, with Brandon Ingram flying in with a late haymaker for good measure.

Paul alleged Rondo spit in his face, something Rondo denied but courtside camera footage pretty clearly shows happened. Now the question there is the intent of Rondo and whether the spit was just part of the two jawing at each other or Rondo purposefully doing it, which would certainly make him the instigator of that portion of the fight.

After the punches were thrown — and landed — by both Rondo and Paul, the two were separated by members of both teams, but one of the major subplots of the entire incident, leading to plenty of talk on social media, was that LeBron James was the one to pull Paul away and walk him around the court with his arm around him, rather than being with his teammates.

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