Nick Wright, LeBron James, And The Hostility Of Sports Debate In 2018

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On the internet, there are no sacred cows. Bulls, however, are a different story. Any utterance, any criticism, any slight allusion to the idea anyone but Michael Jordan might have an argument for being the greatest basketball player ever is risky. NBA Twitter will come for you. They will have pitchforks. There will be no quarter.

In a world where we can’t agree on anything, the one thing we used to be able to come together and all believe was Jordan as the unassailable GOAT. But LeBron James changed that when he went to seven straight Finals, beat the greatest regular-season team ever after being down 3-1, and put together the most consistent 15-year run in NBA history.

You don’t have to sell Nick Wright on the idea LeBron has approached MJ. To Wright, host of FS1’s First Things First, James is already king. That’s a hill on which Wright is prepared to die, except to him, he’s not in any mortal danger.

“People can say I’m a man on an island, but when it’s all said and done that island is gonna need population control,” Wright says. “We’re gonna need some immigration policy. I’m not wrong … My grandkids are not going to believe that people argued with me about this.”

Fans across the world disagree and aren’t afraid to let Wright know about it. In fact, he says he doesn’t even have to talk about Jordan or LeBron to have people coming at him on Twitter for his take. In some ways, it’s the driving force behind his meteoric rise from radio host in Kansas City, to Houston, to becoming a regular guest on Colin Cowherd’s show, to where he is now, hosting his own morning show with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe.

Sports fans, NBA fans in particular, love to hate Wright for touching the third rail: questioning the legacy of Jordan.

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“I think I poke more holes in Michael Jordan’s resume than most people,” Wright says, “but that’s only because most people refuse to ever poke any holes. I’m not out here arguing Jordan is overrated.”