LeBron James Joined Bronny’s Team For Pregame Warmups And Put On A Show


LeBron James and his son, LeBron James Jr., can’t potentially be teammates in the NBA for a few more years, which is something that the best basketball player in the world hopes happens if he’s still in the league. Until then, James has to find other ways to play alongside Bronny, like go through pregame warmups with his AAU squad.

North Coast Blue Chips, Bronny’s 13U team, were going through layup lines on Saturday when they were suddenly joined by someone who is decidedly not 13 years of age or younger. Instead, he’s a 6’8 adult from Akron who happens to be a four-time NBA MVP and the highest profile addition to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

James got loose with the kids, and by “got loose” I mean that he put on a pregame dunk show for those in attendance.

It is cool, albeit wholly unexpected, that all eyes and cell phone cameras in the gym were on James as he briefly took the floor and yammed for those in attendance. It was also cool that the kids on North Coast Blue Chips were acting like this is completely normal, because the implication is that LeBron James just shows up to their practices every now and then and entertains them.

That wouldn’t be a surprise, of course, but imagine being a 12 year old going through basketball practice when Mr. James suddenly shows up and does the stuff that he usually does before he drops a 40 piece on the Orlando Magic or something. Anyway, there are many good versions of LeBron James, but Sports Dad LeBron is easily the most fun.