LeBron James And Lonzo Ball’s Postgame Conversation Quickly Became A Twitter Meme

It seems like every NBA thing eventually becomes a meme. They’re the lifeblood of what we do as consumers of sports entertainment, and on Thursday night we were treated to yet another meme-able moment when LeBron James and Lonzo Ball paused to have a secret talk on the court after the Lakers and Cavaliers played in Cleveland.

LeBron made sure to cover his mouth when talking to Lonzo, ensuring an Internet full of lip readers couldn’t decipher his message to the Lakers rookie. He refused to reveal what he said in a postgame interview either, which means their conversation will effectively be kept private despite a fairly captive audience in the league on a Thursday night.

The only alternative, of course, is to make up what was actually said between the two. And so Twitter got to work in earnest, starting with LeBron’s doing some scouting to determine his plans after this season.

There will obviously be some legs to this LeBron to LA thing no matter what happens this season, but moments like this certainly let Lakers fans dream.

What’s so perfect about the image is that there’s a camera phone squarely between the two, a moment frozen in time to perfectly encapsulate the NBA in 2017.

This is a personal favorite between Woke LeBron and Woker Lonzo.


There was, of course, some shoe trash talk.

Or perhaps LeBron is indeed a fan of the ZO2 Prime Remix and needed to go right to the source for the hookup.

Whatever was said between the two was probably far more banal than what everyone online is assuming, but maybe that’s why Bron should clearly have let us all in on the conversation in the first place. No secrets among friends, guys.