Two Kings: This Amazing Video Pits The Cavs’ LeBron James Against LeBron On The Heat

Not very many people can guard LeBron James. Almost none of his NBA contemporaries can, at least not on anything close to a consistent basis. Maybe the only person who could check The King is…LeBron James, of course.

The YouTube user Coffee Talk put together this outstanding what-if, about two minutes’ worth of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James playing against Miami Heat forward LeBron James.

The video is great because it showcases James’ prowess at both ends of the floor, and all facets of his game, which is one of the most versatile in the history of the league. He’s one of the greatest scorers ever and, for a few years, was arguably the best defensive player in the league. You can see all of it now, in a video that doesn’t even have to involve any other players.

In concept, it’s reminiscent of the league’s fantastic Christmas Day promo from 2011 following the end of the lockout, which featured current players playing against legends – and included several clips of James:

Forget comparing him to Michael Jordan, or Magic Johnson, or anyone else. The only one LeBron can be compared to is himself, and this video serves as a perfect monument to that reality.