LeBron James Vents On Twitter About Downside Of Being Famous

It might seem like LeBron James is on top of the world right now. He’s the best player in the NBA, a two-time champ and already one of the best players ever. He’s so good he has former enemies wanting to team up with him. He’s such a good athlete that NFL players think he’d be a beast in another sport. He’s so famous he chills with Dr. Dre. He’s so rich he has 24/7 DJs in his hotel room. But the public often forgets that professional athletes are human, too. They’re not cartoon characters or aliens. They have urges and needs like anyone else, and no amount of money cures everything.

LeBron has been worldwide famous for his entire adult life, and he’s handled the spotlight better than anyone could’ve anticipated. Yet it seems he’s not invincible. Recently, the Heat superstar got on Twitter and vented about the downside of being famous.




Would you want to be as famous as LeBron is?

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