LeBron James Correctly Believes That Vince Carter Is The Best Dunker ‘Period’

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The best thing about NBA All-Star Weekend is that it gives all of us a reason to go back and spend 10 minutes of our days watching Vince Carter throttle the rest of the field in the 2000 Dunk Contest. Here, it’s a Saturday afternoon, take a few minutes and enjoy. I still, to this day, have the exact same reaction that Shaq had after Carter’s first dunk.

Really good! Perhaps more impressive than the fact that Carter openly disproved the concept of gravity in Oakland that evening is that, 19 years later, he’s still going strong in the NBA. Carter has been a serviceable reserve for the Atlanta Hawks this season, and today marks his 42nd birthday.

As such, there have been plenty of tributes across the Twitterverse for Carter, like these from the Atlanta Hawks.

Included in these tributes is none other than LeBron James, who took to Twitter to deem Carter the best dunker to ever do it, both during games and in general.

While James has a claim for being one of the best dunkers ever — even if it is unfortunate we never got to see young LeBron in the Dunk Contest — he is absolutely correct that Carter is untouchable. Guys like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins are icons, and it’s possible that a young dude with prodigious ups like Derrick Jones Jr. or Zion Williamson can establish themselves as an all-time great jam master down the road, Carter is the best to ever do it. Now, just to establish it, let’s get Vince Carter in the 2019 Dunk Contest.