LeBron Pulled Up From Midcourt To Beat The Buzzer, Only He Airballed And There Was Time Left

LeBron James is perhaps the most remarkable basketball player of all time. This isn’t trying to opine on the greatest/best conversation or whatever, but he is currently 36 years old and in his 18th season in the league, and despite that, he is right there at the top of the MVP race as the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers.

But even a player as good as LeBron James is capable of doing things that lead to them looking silly from time to time. An example of this came on Tuesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, when James tried to beat the third quarter clock by taking one step across the midcourt line and pulling up.

Two issues popped up, though. The first, James airballed. The second, the airball happened with 1.5 seconds left on the clock, giving the Timberwolves the ball and one more chance to score.

James surely could have taken another dribble or two and gotten a better look, but fortunately for him, the Timberwolves ended up just inbounding the ball and taking it to the fourth. Hopefully he tweets about this after the game, because it usually is pretty funny when James decides to laugh at himself after he did something during a game.