Lonzo Ball Went Through Workouts With Kevin Durant And Steve Nash This Summer

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All eys are on Lonzo Ball as the Los Angeles Lakers point guard approaches his first season in the NBA. After a summer of endless hype there are huge expectations for Ball, but it sounds like he is getting some help from some of the best the NBA has to offer.

Ball said he’s been able to work out with a pretty impressive group of former and current NBA players this summer, which should go a long way toward getting him ready for life in the NBA. Working out with other players is certainly not a surprise, but the names Ball was able to, uh, ball out with this offseason is pretty great.

Ball appeared on the Marcellus and Kelvin Show on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles on Friday and said that Kevin Durant and Steve Nash have played with Ball at different points this summer.

“KD came up there to work out last week. I got to work out with him and that was cool. Him and Steve Nash,” Ball said. “So that was a lot of fun and a good experience.”

We know that Durant is already a fan of Lonzo’s youngest brother, LaMelo. In fact, Durant defended his choice of luxury vehicle on Twitter after word got out that the 16-year-old got a Lamborghini despite still attending high school.

(Via Silver Screen and Roll)