Luka Doncic Tricked Steph Curry Into Standing Where Nikola Jokic Could Dunk On Him

The NBA All-Star Game has come under criticism from seemingly everyone over the last couple of days. After Adam Silver and the NBA placed a clear emphasis on the game being more competitive this year, the exact opposite ended up happening, as it was 48 minutes of guys not really trying and either hoisting up threes or making their way to the rim without trying all that hard.

If there was a positive to come out of it, we’d like to point to the delightful bromance between Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic that was on full display. The pair took things about as unseriously as two humans can take something, and while it’s certainly understandable that some would have a problem with that, they were two of the only people at Gainbridge Fieldhouse who looked like they were having fun. An example of this: While warming up before the game, Doncic went up to Steph Curry and told him to move over a little bit. And then, Jokic came flying in, put a hand on Curry’s shoulder, went over top of him, and dunked.

I am glad that Curry found this funny, because it is extremely funny. Anyway, here’s hoping that Doncic and Jokic continue to engage in hijinks one another going forward.