An Accidental Manu Ginobili Basket Was So Strange That Everyone Kept Playing

01.02.18 1 year ago

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Manu Ginobili is one of the best players in NBA history at making shots that don’t make any sense. He’s a master at throwing up heaves from strange angles that have zero business going in, but find their way through the cylinder, anyway. It’s one of those skills that will never go away, even though he’s 40 and on his final legs.

For proof of this, let’s head to Tuesday night’s game between San Antonio and New York. The Spurs put the ball in Ginobili’s hands, who chucked up … something? It might be a shot, but more likely, it was an attempted pass to LaMarcus Aldridge that slipped out of his hand wrong.

Either way, the ball went in. It made no sense, but Ginobili’s lob went through the hoop.

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