March Morbidity: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?


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Creating a memorable movie death scene is an art form unlike any other, in that it takes a true genius with unparalleled vision to make us shout, “Holy sh*t!” as blood sprays all over the place. The goal of this March Madness-inspired tournament is to pick the ultimate movie death scene from this pool of 64 of my favorites so that we may crown one spectacular (and fake) bloody murder as our Mona Lisa.

Naturally, I expect there to be controversy, cries of exclusion, and generally angry people who believe that other scenes should be included. To the naysayers and outraged commenters I say, “Tough tetons, bros.” I stand by these selections as iconic and generally entertaining death scenes from beloved action movies from four “regions”: The ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s.

Below you’ll find polls for every first round match-up. Voting for this round will go from the morning of Wednesday, March 17 through the evening of Thursday, March 19. The next round will appear in a separate post on Friday morning. Please remember to click on the GIFs for larger versions, and other than that, have fun and vote with your guts … *spits blood on the ground* … if ya got ’em.