Matthew Dellavedova’s Story Is Getting Made Into An Australian Movie

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If you had to pick one pro athlete’s life story to turn into a movie, who would it be? Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who has overcome cancer and a fear of horses to be one of the best safeties in football? How about Tiger Woods, with all the cultural groundbreaking and salacious personal scandal? If you picked Matthew Dellavedova, who had to overcome such obstacles as being kind of small and Australian, then congratulations!

You’re probably Australian, and you’re also getting your wish.

That’s right, an Australian film company is producing a feature film based on the life and career of Dellavedova, tracing him through his upbringing in Australia to his college career at Saint Mary’s in California, all the way through his run to the NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe they’ll even work in that time he drank a ton of coffee, had an amazing game in the NBA Finals and then went to the hospital for dehydration.

Anyway, now that the facts are out of the way, here are some ideas for titles for this movie:

  • GRIT: The Matthew Dellavedova Story
  • Delly
  • Free Delly
  • The Pursuit Of Dellyness
  • Slumdog Dellyonaire
  • Million Dollar Delly
  • Dellion Dollar Baby
  • Cheaper By The Delly

And here are some ideas for who to play the lead role:

  • Frankie Muniz
  • Aaron Paul
  • Seriously, it should just be Frankie Muniz. He seems like he needs it.

We’re all looking forward to the premiere of this one, where Delly can have all the Corona he wants.

(Via Fox Sports Australia)