The Memphis Grizzlies’ Martin Luther King Day Pride Uniforms Actually Look Sleek With Sleeves

Every year the Memphis Grizzlies play a nationally televised game on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day to honor the late activist leader. This year will mark 50 years since King’s assassination outside a Memphis motel room, and to commemorate his lifelong work in the civil-rights movement, the Grizzlies have partnered with the National Civil Rights Museum to create the MKL50 Pride uniform. Memphis will sport their new digs for the first time on MLK Day against the Chicago Bulls.

The color scheme and piping on the shorts looks similar to the old Vancouver Grizzlies uniform, but every feature on the uniform is inspired by an aspect of MLK’s life. The historic Lorraine Motel, where MLK’s assassination took place, inspired the color aesthetic of the uniform. The aqua color accent replicates the doors on the Lorraine Motel rooms; the piping on the shorts is drawn from the walkways and balconies; the Memphis font imitates the exact font on the Lorraine Motel sign. The jersey is a unique unification of the Grizzlies and its most iconic landmark.

Sleeves always seem to rear their ugly head when teams unveil a pride uniform. However this pride uniform is sleek enough to overcome the dreaded sleeves. Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Chandler Parsons, Mike Conley and co. should look pretty good donning these new jerseys.

(Via NBA.com)