Metta World Peace Turned To Siri To Avoid Answering A Perfectly Legitimate Question

09.27.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

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It was Los Angeles Lakers media day Monday, which means after a summer of rest and relaxation, it’s time to begin a new season of NBA reporters asking questions and players responding to them.

This is a fun game, because sometimes a reporter asks a stupid question and the player owns that fool for all to see. Other times, a reporter asks a fair question and the player acts like a jerk. Metta World Peace found a comfortable middle ground when a reporter asked a fair and somewhat interesting question.

You see what happened there? He mostly ducked the question while acting as though the reporter asked something different then they actually did. Yes, whatever earnest answer Metta could have given would not be half as interesting as asking Siri for the answer. But why the need to make a spectacle out of it? After a 17-win season, perhaps the Lakers define success differently this season. It’s fair!

He does eventually get around to the “To Come Out On Top” answer, whatever that means, but if you knew what the reporter meant from the start, there’s no need for willful ignorance in an effort to get a laugh at the reporter’s expense, is there? It’s also probably not the foundation you want to lay before starting a season that may not yield 30 wins and the questions get harder.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood. Anyway, asking Siri for the answer was cute. Whatever.

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