Miami Finally Unveiled Their Vice Uniforms And They’re Already The Best In The NBA

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have finally embraced their destiny, and that destiny is neon pink and turquoise.

The Heat finally showed off their Vice jerseys, taking hot pink (officially “laser fuchsia”), turquoise (“blue gale”) and white to create one of the best uniforms in the NBA. Nay, the best uniform in the NBA. Though we had hints that the Miami Vice-themed uniforms were coming, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the team officially showed off the 80s-style neon duds.

The team debuted a slick-looking website with photos of the uniforms, and even posted a super cool video on Twitter to celebrate the big unveiling.

Even if you’re not a Don Johnson fan or skipped out on playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City , you have to admit that these things look cool as hell. It’s a big departure from the black, red and white aesthetic the Heat have always used, but few teams in the NBA can pull off this look. Even the Spurs, who have a history of using neon pastels, didn’t get near this palate with its City Edition uniforms.

Miami Heat

The neon Heat logo looks great here, too. The team plans to wear them a whopping 15 times this season, starting with Thursday’s home game against the Sacramento Kings. That might seem like a lot of Vice, but honestly these should be worn as often as possible.