Michael Jordan Will Tell The Story Of Dennis Rodman’s Vegas Vacation On ‘The Last Dance’

The first two episodes of The Last Dance featured some fantastic stories, from Scottie Pippen’s instantly iconic “I’m not gonna f*ck up my summer” quote about putting off surgery to Michael Jordan’s 63-point playoff outing in 1986 being fueled by a bad golf game the day before with Danny Ainge.

Those helped set the tone for what figures to be a highly entertaining documentary, that will provide first-hand accounts and perspectives on some stories we’ve heard before (and, hopefully, some we haven’t). Missing from the first two episodes was the presence of Dennis Rodman, but for those wanting all the details of wild stories involving The Worm, have no fear.

The third and fourth episodes will look back on the Pistons-Bulls rivalry in the late 80s and early 90s — during which Rodman was on the Pistons — and then look into Rodman’s time in Chicago. One story we know will appear was teased in partial form by ESPN and the NBA, as Michael Jordan tells the story of Rodman’s request for a vacation after Scottie Pippen returned to the lineup.

The best part of this are the reactions from Rodman, Pippen, and Phil Jackson, who all get to watch Jordan tell the story on a phone. Jordan’s exasperated, “if anybody f*ckin needs a vacation, I need a vacation,” is incredible, as is “if you let him go on vacation, we’re not gonna see him; if you let him go to Vegas, we’re definitely not gonna see him.” This will surely be among the highlights of the upcoming episodes, but the entire Jordan-Pistons rivalry is fascinating and hearing all parties involved looking back and then finally getting to Rodman stories figures to make this week even more must-see TV.