Here’s What Michael Jordan Is Drinking During ‘The Last Dance’ Interviews

ESPN’s The Last Dance documentary about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls is already a smash hit, premiering as the most-watched documentary ever to air on the network. With eight more hours of content to come, the much-anticipated documentary will undoubtedly produce a bevy of head-turning moments, but viewers are already paying close attention to what transpires on the screen.

In fact, there was a revelation about what Michael Jordan was drinking while being interviewed for the film and, well, he has a pretty good reason to be showcasing that particular beverage.

As ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne notes, Jordan is a co-owner of Cincoro Tequila, with the company describing itself as an “award-winning family of small batch tequilas that are ultra-smooth, naturally rich and delicious.” There was a bit of a debate as to what Jordan was actually drinking during the premiere broadcast itself but, while it wasn’t expressly clear in the moment, the revelation shouldn’t be all that surprising.

It is worth noting that The Last Dance never would have made the air if not for Jordan’s consent, as evidenced by the fact that the footage sat dormant for two decades. With that in mind, Jordan having a tiny bit of marketing material in the mix makes some sense or, if you are less skeptical, he might just really enjoy the tequila that his company produces.