Watch Michael Jordan Get Victimized By A Dumb Teenager And His Dumb Meme


As far as Internet memes go, “What Are Those” is harmless fun, if not mildly annoying. If you’re not familiar, it started earlier this summer when a Vine user uploaded a video showing him making fun of a police officer’s shoes, which he apparently found to be ugly or ridiculous. Since then, it’s been imitated numerous times. After a video that was uploaded to Twitter on Monday, it may need to be officially retired.

During a basketball clinic headed by Michael Jordan, a young whipper-snapper has one question for the greatest of all-time:

It’s tough to tell from the video, but MJ seems confused by the whole thing, much like anyone over the age of 20, I’m assuming. If the meme is going to victimize the billionaire face of Nike who turned shoe sales into a global enterprise, then yes, “What Are Those” needs to die the quick death it’s probably deserved for months.

(via Complex)