Mike Brown Went Ballistic On A Ref And Had To Get Pulled Away By Malik Monk As He Got Ejected

The Sacramento Kings traveled to Milwaukee on Sunday night for a game against the Bucks, and while it was a competitive game, it was one that Milwaukee seemingly had control over in the early fourth quarter.

However, fireworks started in with just under 10 minutes to play after a Kings turnover, when Mike Brown put on a show to earn an ejection.

After a no-call on what the Kings thought was a foul by Cameron Payne on De’Aaron Fox led to a turnover, Mike Brown absolutely lost it, going chest-to-chest with the official and needed to be pulled away by Malik Monk and Trey Lyles, with Monk having to walk him all the way to the corner of the court to go to the locker room for his well-earned ejection.

Brown was smart enough not to actually make contact with the ref, but made it clear he was displeased with the officiating on the evening in Milwaukee, particularly as it pertained to Fox as he had just three free throw attempts deep into the fourth quarter. The league will certainly take a look at Brown’s eruption to see if it will require him to make a donation to the league, but given there was no actual contact he might avoid a fine.

The team did respond to Brown’s tirade, erasing all of Milwaukee’s 12-point lead at the time of the ejection to force overtime.