Bulls, Bucks Get Into Something Almost Resembling A Fight

What started out as an ugly game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls – neither team was exactly a scoring machine in the 16-11 first quarter – got even uglier when a near fight broke out mid-way through the second quarter.

Aaron Brooks attempted to take what was a pretty halfhearted charge on John Henson, only for Henson to bowl him over. What happened next was a little puzzling. For some reason, Henson stood over Brooks, which caused all hell to break loose. Well, “all hell” for an NBA game, I guess. Fights don’t exactly happen in the NBA. There’s a ton of posturing, some shoving, maybe, maybe one punch, but it’s mostly just a bunch of barking back and forth until the sides are separated.

That’s basically what happened here. Most of the Bucks and the Bulls got in on the shoving and shouting, but nothing really happened. Joakim Noah, OJ Mayo, John Henson and Jimmy Butler were all assessed technicals (Brooks was too, at first, though it was almost immediately rescinded upon review) and the game just carried on as normal. Like most almost-fights in the NBA, this was just all sound and fury signifying nothing.