Montrezl Harrell Clarified That He Did Not Get A Technical Foul For Arguing With Drake

Montrezl Harrell’s first game as a member of the Washington Wizards ended with a 98-83 win over the Toronto Raptors and one technical foul in his back pocket. That tech ended up getting a whole lot of attention, because it looked like it came because the Wizards’ big man was jawing with noted Raptors fan Drake during the game.

The video makes it look like Harrell, who has never been shy about wearing his heart on his sleeve during games, was getting wound up while having a conversation with Drake, who appeared to find whatever was going on pretty funny.

That was not exactly what happened, though. After the game, Harrell made clear that the technical foul did not come because of anything he was doing with Drake. Instead, he got T’d up for a conversation with a Raptors coach, while he and Drake went back-and-forth in a far more cordial manner.

“I need my money back first, NBA,” Harrell said. “I definitely need my money back, because that definitely shouldn’t have been no tech. If so, you’ve got to give to me and the coach. Me and Drake was laughing. There was no problems there, me and Drake cool, we even talked after the game. It was a cool conversation, but it turned left when the coach started chiming in behind the bench, thinking that barking is something that’s gonna shake me.

“I don’t need all of Toronto on my bumper now,” Harrell continued. “I don’t need Toronto on my bumper now. Don’t start DMing me on Instagram now. Me and Drake cool.”

Let it go in the record books: Montrezl Harrell did not get a technical foul for getting into an argument with Drake. This, of course, does not mean an NBA player somewhere down the line won’t get one for chirping at Drake during a Raptors game.