The Hawks And Celtics NBA 2K League Teams Got Into A Postgame Fight


It’s almost playoff time in the NBA, which means the intensity around the league is about to ramp up with the stakes even higher on a nightly basis.

However, for the NBA 2K League, the season is just beginning, but in the world’s foremost basketball video game league, the intensity is always high. The Celtics and Hawks 2K League teams met this week in their opening game of the season, a game in which the Hawks won 68-58. That’s not the story of the game, however.

No, the most interesting thing to come out of the Hawks win was a kerfuffle in the postgame handshake line that saw a player from the Celtics shove one of the Hawks players and then some from both teams squared up as officials (?) stepped in, which is something none of them probably expected to do.

It is objectively hilarious that 2K League players were trying to fight each other, but at the same time, anyone that’s ever played a video game online knows that things can get very heated while playing video games just like on the actual court. I assume just like in the league this will lead to suspensions for at least the instigator of this and maybe others, but I’m not even sure they’ve planned for physical altercations.