Watch The Phenomenal NBA 2K14 “Space Jam” Mode

It’s still relevant 18 years after it was released, but people can’t seem to get enough of the animated Michael Jordan feature length film, Space Jam. Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Tune Squad was enjoyable for toddlers and the adults who worshipped at the alter of Jordan as he came back from his first retirement in ’96. NBA 2K14 has come out with a Space Jam mod, and it’s about as amazing as you’d think.

Previous editions of the iconic game have also featured a Space Jam mode you could unlock, but YouTuber MkEliteWorksX uploaded a video of the Space Jam mod for NBA 2K14, and it’s almost like you’re playing in the freakin’ movie.

Bugs with bunny hops, obviously, but he’s also got a pre-game routine with MJ that might look familiar:

(video via MkEliteWorksX)

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