Here’s How You Can Play ‘NBA 2K18’ With NCAA College Basketball Rosters, Jerseys, and Courts

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NBA 2K18 is finally here, and 2K sports jam-packed this year’s release with a bunch of new modes and teams to play with, including brand new all-time teams for all 30 NBA franchises. But if you’re looking for even more content from NBA 2K18 this year, boy do we have something for you. And if you’re bummed out that there isn’t going to be a NCAA basketball game this year, even better.

SB Nation uncovered an NBA 2K18 tutorial from YouTube user SkillzFromThe6 where he detailed exactly how you can edit NBA 2K18, including rosters, uniforms, and courts, to essentially turn NBA 2K18 into a college basketball experience. The best part is, this doesn’t require any confusing modifications or troubleshooting. It’s pretty straightforward, and you can do it entirely on your PlayStation 4.

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