‘NBA 2K18’ Announced Huge Changes To Free Agency And The Draft In MyLEAGUE Mode

We’re nearing the fall release of NBA 2K18 and we’re slowly learning more and more about the game. We’ve been seeing the slow release of player ratings in the form of videos with the players reacting to their overall rating, and on Thursday 2K made some huge announcements about upgrades and changes to the MyGM and MyLEAGUE mode.

In 2K18, the developers wanted to give a more immersive, complete, and realistic experience for both game modes, and to do so, they had to make some sweeping changes and updates to the previous versions. MyGM Mode will become a story mode, like MyCAREER, focusing on interactions you have with people in your organization on a day-to-day basis. For MyLEAGUE, there are significant changes and expanded opportunities to do more within the game mode from free agency to the draft to the introduction of the G-League and two-way contracts.

Here is a brief list of the biggest changes and updates coming to this year’s version of the game, and you can read more about the new MyLEAGUE Mode on 2K’s Facebook page here.

Free Agent Moratorium Period

The free agent moratorium period is one of the craziest parts of the NBA calendar, as teams work tirelessly through the night on July 1 and through the first weekend-plus of free agency to try and lock in verbal agreements with players. In previous versions of NBA 2K, that wasn’t part of the game, but in 2K18 it will be introduced in MyLEAGUE mode on a 3-day version — rather than five, like in the actual NBA. Unfortunately, the developers informed us that there won’t be any chance of a DeAndre Jordan situation in the game, but we can keep our fingers crossed for 2K19.

Cap Holds And Renouncing Rights

Free agency will also get more realistic with the addition of cap holds and rights that must be renounced to create extra space, as teams have to do in real life. This will add a new wrinkle to the game and force gamers to pay a bit more attention to detail in the offseason when deciding what to do with players and how to free up space to sign others.

Trading Draft Rights and Draft And Stash

The draft will also get some upgrades and updates in 2K18, as you can now make trades during the draft involving the rights to players already selected — just like in the actual NBA Draft. There will also be opportunities for international players to be selected and stashed overseas, as happens every year in the draft, making for a more dynamic and realistic draft experience. To make this happen, some international players in the draft will be flagged with a number of years next to their name that they will remain overseas before joining your team.

Analytics Tools

Yes, analytics are coming to video game basketball as well, as 2K18 introduces advanced analytic tools that you can use at your disposal to track how players do and compare them to players around the league in customizable data plotting charts so you can build a team that gets you the best values on players with attributes you covet the most.

G-League Integration And Two-Way Contracts

Two-way contracts are new to the NBA in 2017 and they’ll also be available to you in MyLEAGUE as well to fill out your roster. Along with two-way deals, you’ll now be able to call players up and send them down to the G-League to get them more experience, do some extra scouting, or take a shot on a young player doing well by bringing him to the NBA roster.

These are just a few of the many changes offered to players in MyLEAGUE mode as NBA 2K continues to ensure that they advance the quality of gameplay for their franchise mode. Among the other changes coming are upgraded draft class generation, the ability to practice specific plays, new relocation cities, injury hardship exception, new All-Star selection experience, rebranding improvements, and more.

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