NBA All-Stars Given The ‘Full House’ Intro Treatment Is Glorious

Full House was one of the crowning achievements of cornball 80s family sitcoms, and as with so many cultural relics from that era, America has allowed its collective nostalgia, combined with an insatiable thirst for reboots, to resurrect the long-defunct program with an entirely unnecessary modern update available via Netflix streaming.

As the equally-confounding-and-fascinating satire Too Many Cooks has taught us, cheesy multi-cam sitcom title sequences are infinitely ripe for parody. So it was a joy to see that the 2017 NBA All-Stars were given a hilarious Full House-inspired send-up by some hero Redditor.

During the annual festivities in New Orleans last month, the NBA Tweeted out a series of promotional videos for Footlocker featuring some of the league’s biggest stars showing off their signature sneakers, along with the hashtag #NBAKicks. These were spliced together and interwoven with game footage and set to the show’s maddeningly-catchy jingle.

Familiar faces like LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, and more are shown doing goofy poses for the camera, but the real kicker comes toward the end when Uncle Drew is introduced as Kyrie “Flat Earth” Irving in a nod to the Cavs point guard’s head-scratching conspiracy theory about one of the more fundamental facts of modern science.