Watch The NBA Impersonator Recreate Reggie Miller’s Epic MSG Moment

Brandon Armstrong, the NBA impersonator known as @bdotadot5, is back with yet another performance. This time, though, instead of mimicking a single player’s arsenal and tendencies, he recreates one of the most iconic moments in NBA history: Reggie Miller’s eight points in 9 seconds.

A little backstory for those who aren’t familiar with Miller’s heroics. Miller’s Indiana Pacers were down 105-99 to the New York Knicks in Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. With just 18.7 seconds left on the clock, the Knicks seemed like a lock to take the first game. Then Reggie Miller, in perhaps the defining moment of his NBA career, took over.

As with most of Armstrong’s productions, this one is pretty true to the original, though also filled with a few extra goodies like the Spike Lee (also done by Armstrong) and Pat Riley impersonations, Bill Walton acting as a commentator, and the exaggerated contact between Miller and Greg Anthony.

It’s pretty cool that Armstrong’s been able to carve out this niche for himself, going from internet funny man to viral sensation. He has an uncanny knack for impersonating not just a player’s form, but the little intricacies that truly separate one player from another.

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