7 Of The NBA’s Freshest Fashion Instagram Posts

From Jordan‘s sneakers to Iverson‘s tattoos, NBA players have long had an influence that reaches far beyond the court… and today, the league’s fashion focus is climbing to new heights. With resources like Twitter and Instagram, many players are captivated by a quest to promote the latest trend. This obsession with social media, in conjunction with a mass hipster movement and David Stern’s implementation of the dress code, has resulted in a fair bit of questionable dressing.

How many of the fishing lures from Russell Westbrook‘s shirt have actually caught on, though? You see, it’s ultimately up to you to decide… and for this reason we ask you, what’s really hot in the streets?

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Who: DeMarcus Cousins
What: Vintage “Hot Boys T-Shirt” & Jordan 12 “Taxi”
Where: Instagram
When: four days ago

What I Think: DMC been rocking a lot of vintage hip-hop gear lately and it goes without saying, if he didn’t hoop he would try his hand at the rap game. Sporting vintage gear that give props to rap legends to hanging with Drake, it’s clear what Boogie’s second love is. Rocking the Jordan 12s, DeMarcus continues to build the recognition of being one of the best dressed in the game.

Who: Nate Robinson, Eddy Curry
What: Nike Air Yeezy I
Where: The mall
When: four days ago

What I think: You can never go wrong with a pair of Yeezys. I wasn’t too surprised to see Nate Robinson with these — he is one of the top 10 sneakerheads in the NBA. What really threw me for a loop was Eddy Curry showing off the kick game with his pair. Never figured Eddy was into being a sneakerhead so he gets a plus in my book.

Who: J.R. Smith
What: Timberland “Wheat” Boots
Where: Instagram
When: two days ago

What I think: J.R. took it back to his Jersey roots to show us what is imperative to rock this winter. It’s clear that Timberland boots are essential and will never go out of style and this is one item that everybody needs in their arsenal this winter.

Who: Serge Ibaka
What: Givenchy Pin-up girl hoodie
Where: Basketball arena
When: one week ago

What I think: If there is one thing Ibaka knows, it’s his designer clothes. Serge Ibaka, seen in this very expensive Givenchy shirt (believe me — it’s really expensive), is starting to become one the best dressed in the league. It’s a staple for him at this point.

Who: Kendall Marshall
What: LeBrons, Jordans and more Jordans
Where: Instagram
When: two weeks ago

What I think: Kendall knows his stuff. In my opinion, Kendall is in the NBA’s top 20 in terms of the shoe game and this pic is evidence of that. Showing off his knack for exclusive kicks, you see everything from retro Air Jordan 12s to Foamposites.

Who: Paul George
What: All-red Balenciaga Cotes high-top sneakers, gold chain
Where: Instagram
When: one week ago

What I think: Now don’t get me wrong, Paul George is a fresh guy always embodying his Cali roots, especially seen here with the khakis and a gold chain. Although he is a pretty fresh player, that shirt is straight up whack. That shirt looks like a spin art machine threw up on him. The only reason the whole outfit wasn’t a complete fail was because of the kicks. Try harder next time, Paul.

Who: Chris Paul
What: Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”
Where: Car
When: two weeks ago

What I think: This is just one of the perks of being one of the biggest faces for the Jordan Brand. CP3 is seen here rocking the new Gamma Blue Js in all their glory. This proves that when you’re with Jordan Brand, getting your hands on exclusives is never a big deal.

What do you think?

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