Here’s What Happened In The Meeting NBA Players Held To Determine To Resume The Season

NBA players plan on resuming their postseason. According to multiple media reports on Thursday morning, the Bubble-wide meeting among players that began at 11 a.m. concluded with them coming to an agreement on playing games again, something that seemed up in the air following a contentious meeting that occurred the previous evening, when the two Los Angeles teams voiced their support for leaving the Orlando Bubble altogether.

That, however, had changed, with several reports indicating that everyone is on board with starting the season back up following a day-long strike.

One of the teams that was on board with calling the whole thing off last night, the Lakers, reportedly held several meetings following the resumption of Wednesday’s meeting to talk things through.

That seems to have been one of the reasons why things went the way they did yesterday. One of the reason why players were not collectively on the same page reportedly stems from the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks, which kicked off the strike on Wednesday, did so without consultation with other players.

One reason why players are on board with resuming playing is everything that has happened up to this point to get to and play in the Bubble, while players’ families will be able to join them in the Bubble soon to provide some “sense of normalcy.”

The big question that looms now is what’s next? Players seemed ready to end the Bubble experiment altogether in the name of fighting systemic inequality and the repeated killings of Black individuals by the police, and while this strike brought that battle into the spotlight following Kenosha officers shooting Jacob Blake in the back and paralyzing him, players want conversations to be turned into actions.

According to reports, there will be meetings among players and, eventually, owners to map that all out. And when it comes to games, those could resume as early as Friday, but the belief is apparently that they’ll start back up sometime this weekend.

What players end up wanting owners to commit to — More money being invested into communities of color? Every NBA arena turned into voting centers? Asking them to use the power they inherently possess as billionaires to turn the heat up on politicians to make drastic changes? — remains to be seen, but it does seem like these questions will be answered sometime later on Thursday.