NBA Players Celebrated LaMarcus Aldridge’s Career After He Announced His Retirement

Mid-season retirements are exceedingly rare in the NBA, so when they tend to happen, players will take to social media to offer up praise for whomever decided to call it a career. That exact thing happened on Thursday morning, as LaMarcus Aldridge announced his sudden decision to retire after 15 years in the Association due to an irregular heartbeat.

Aldridge, who retired as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, commanded respect during his time in league as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers and the San Antonio Spurs, and in response, several current and former players used Twitter to celebrate his productive career and highlight how good of a dude he was away from the court.

A handful of former teammates made it a point to say that they viewed taking the floor alongside him an honor, with one of them, Jamal Crawford, praising him for being “the realest I’ve ever met.”

Aldridge had a productive career largely as a member of the Blazers and Spurs, earning seven All-Star nods and five All-NBA selections. He became a member of the Nets last month after San Antonio bought out his contract, and as he explained, his retirement came on the heels of Aldridge suffering an irregular heartbeat in his fifth game with Brooklyn.