A Company Sent Personalized Potatoes To 150 NBA Players, And They’re Glorious

Earlier this month, Dirk Nowitzki received quite the gift. Someone decided to put a picture of him on a potato and send it to him. That was the entire gift – it was completely absurd and no one really knew what was going on. Dirk seemed pretty excited about it, which is all that matters.

But still, it raised the question: who was the person that sent Dirk a potato? Is it the same person who sent a potato to Kevin Durant?

It could have been a different person, but someone also sent a potato to the Chicago Bulls.

Hassan Whiteside got one, too, that highlight his friendship with DJ Khaled.

For The Win did some digging and learned that these are being done by the folks at Potato Parcel. If you haven’t heard of them, all this means is that you don’t watch Shark Tank. At the very least, you didn’t watch the episode where two dudes dressed up like potatoes and pitched a company where they wrote messages on spuds for people. The guys asked for $50,000 for a 10 percent stake in their company and managed to get that from Kevin O’Leary.

As Riad Bekhit, the company’s “Chief Potato Officer,” told For The Win, he’s a huge NBA fan and the company sent potatoes to about 150 players. One such player was Frank Kaminsky.

If this isn’t the American dream, I don’t know what is.

(Via For The Win)