The NBA Rescinded The Technical Dejounte Murray Got For Not Talking To Tony Brothers

The Hawks had a rough Saturday night in Brooklyn, as they dropped their second straight game to the Nets to fall to 26-34 on the season. As was the case on Thursday night, Atlanta’s offense was stuck in the mud, only able to muster 102 points as they deal with the challenge of filling the void during Trae Young’s absence.

Much of that responsibility falls on the shoulders of Dejounte Murray, who had 20 points and 11 assists on the night but was just 8-of-19 from the field. Making matters worse for Murray was a bizarre exchange on the bench during a timeout when referee Tony Brothers walked over to have a conversation with the guard. Murray did not want to talk, waving Brothers off, which then led to the veteran official handing out a hilariously soft technical foul to Murray.

After the game, Murray could only laugh off the interaction and technical foul, noting on Twitter how absurd it was he got T’d up for not talking to a ref.

Even the NBA agreed that Brothers was being ridiculous in hitting him with a T, rescinding it quickly on Sunday afternoon to keep Murray from having to pay the fine associated with it and having it count towards his season-long technical foul total.

It’s good Murray won’t have to pay a fine for this, but the NBA might need to also have a conversation with Brothers regarding what should and shouldn’t be a technical foul.