Here Are How Many National TV Games Every NBA Team Will Play In 2017-18

08.14.17 2 years ago

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The NBA released the full schedule for the 2017-18 regular season on Monday, as all 30 teams learned when they would play their 82 games next season. As always, there are games that jump out at you off of the schedule, and the folks at the NBA know this and try to position those games to be broadcast by their national TV partners.

The NBA has loaded up holidays like Christmas Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day with huge matchups, and ABC’s primetime Saturday night broadcasts will return once again in 2018.

The teams that occupy those coveted national television broadcasts the most don’t surprise anyone. The Warriors, Rockets, and Cavaliers top the list with 43, 40, and 39 nationally televised games a piece, while the Thunder (37), Lakers (35), and Celtics (34) are all close behind. The Lakers would be the biggest surprise from a team success standpoint, but the addition of Lonzo Ball to the squad and their status as one of the NBA’s biggest box office draws earns them plenty of national TV time. At the bottom of the list are the Hawks and Nets, which each have two national TV games, both of which coming on NBA TV.

You can check out the full alphabetical list of teams, with how many national TV games they will play and on what networks, since not all nationally televised games are created equally.

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