Breaking The NBA Into Tiers Before The 2018-19 Season

09.14.18 7 months ago 3 Comments


When the NBA is involved, craziness often ensues. Yes, the best teams in the league usually win the ultimate prize of the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of the long journey but, along the way, it is usually wise to expect the unexpected, which brings a ton of entertainment value.

With that said, it is almost impossible to accurately project all 30 of the league’s teams but, in this space, we’ll try to do just that … kind of. Our mission is to slot the entire NBA into tiers, even with full knowledge that a few (or more than a few) teams will end up overachieving or underachieving over the course of 82 games.

Some of these decisions are no-brainers, while others take a lot more thought and delineation. First up? The one and only favorite.

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