This Poor Sports Video Host Got A Terrible Sunburn And Gave A PSA About Sunscreen

Summer is rapidly approaching which means it’s hot out and the UV Index is rising. The first few weeks of really warm to hot weather is a difficult adjustment for us all. You want to take advantage of that nice sunshine with some time outside — probably more than you spend during the winter and early spring months — and sometimes you forget the consequences of all that sun.

This can happen to any of us, and it’s extremely unfortunate to arrive back home and look in the mirror to realize you’ve got a bad sunburn. It’s an uncomfortable experience and can make you look silly. That’s not good for anyone, but it’s especially not good if part of your job is to host videos on the internet.

That’s what happened to poor Stephen Campbell, who hosts NBA betting breakdown videos for OddsShark. Campbell had to go on air on Monday after a long day in the sun on Sunday, and used the first minute of the video to offer a PSA to everyone out there about the importance of sunscreen and have a bit of fun at his own ridiculous hat tan line.

Campbell explained on Twitter that the sunburn was the result of a softball tournament, that was supposed to be one game and ended up being three. That will do it every time.

He owned it and moved on to offer a nice betting preview for Monday night’s action in the NBA. That’s a pro move, and I can guarantee Stephen won’t ever get caught at the park without packing the SPFs in the future.