Nerlens Noel Is Being Sued For Allegedly Wrecking A Home He Rented, And The Details Are Wild

As if playing for a team that is 10-68 isn’t bad enough, Nerlens Noel’s offseason is about to get a lot more stressful, as the Sixers’ big man just got hit with a $75,000 lawsuit for allegedly trashing a rental home he stayed in last year.

According to TMZ, the owners of the home are suing Noel for wrecking the place and leaving over $40,000 worth of damage to the 4,800 square foot home outside of Philadelphia. The list of things that Noel is said to have done to the place is bonkers, even for a 21-year-old who may not have previously had the experience of living in a house by himself.

Among the damages listed are:

  • Gatorade spills and $30,000 worth of damage done to carpets
  • Extreme water damage throughout the home
  • Clogged toilets filled with cotton balls and feces (?!?!)
  • A broken elevator
  • $4,000 worth of damage to the stove
  • Damage to the fridge, blinds, and dishwasher
  • Torn window screens
  • Weed and roaches found in the home

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, Noel is also being accused by the property owners of threatening them after they asked for $42,000 to pay for the damages. The day after they asked for the money, a tombstone with “RIP” written on it appeared on the front steps of the house, and the owners are treating that as a death threat in their lawsuit.

TMZ has some pictures up of the destroyed house and they’re pretty gross. You would think because Noel made north of $3 million last season, that even if he didn’t feel like cleaning the alleged mess himself, he could have hired someone to go through the place before he moved out at the very least. I mean, damage to the carpet and torn window screens are one thing, but joints left lying around and feces left in the toilet? That’s just not right.

(Via TMZ)