The New Orleans Pelicans Have Fired Head Coach Monty Williams

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors - Game One
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It looks like making the playoffs wasn’t the cure-all for Pelicans’ head coach Monty Williams like some thought it would be. Adrian Wojnarowski reports that he’s been let go , and also implies that a bit of politics were at work:


It signals a big change in the Pelicans’ organization, similar to the Thunder’s firing of Scott Brooks. Both teams recognize that they have a rare opportunity to build around an A-1 Megastar, and decided that the coach that had taken them from bad to good wasn’t going be to able to take them from good to great. The Warriors last year also took the gamble to get rid of a well-liked coach who guaranteed competence in favor of a tactician with a chance at mastery (though there were other internal factors at work there).

In a press release, Pelicans’ Executive VP Mickey Loomis gave credence to that theory:

“Making a decision like this is never easy and is never done hastily, especially when you are dealing with a person of Monty Williams’ character. We thanked Monty for the tremendous work and commitment he made to our organization and the development of our young players, specifically Anthony Davis,” said Loomis. “While we continue to work towards improving our roster, we decided that now was the time to make this decision. We wish nothing but the best for Monty in the future.”

Anthony Davis is already one of the very best players in the game, and he’s still growing. It’s understandable that the Pelicans are already doing everything they can to convince him that New Orleans can be his long-term, championship-winning home.

(Via Adrian Wojnarowski)